Telecom Analytics

Leverage Big Data Analytics to Improve Customer Experience, Optimize Revenue, Reduce Cost, Increase Efficiency

As CSPs face increased market saturation and tough competition, getting smart about using big data is key.

Big Data Capture and Analysis for Telecom

Communications service providers (CSP) are facing pressure to reduce costs and maximize average revenue per user (ARPU), while ensuring an excellent customer experience. And data volumes keep growing. According to the Cisco® forecast, global mobile data traffic will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 78 percent to 2016, reaching 10.8 exabytes per month.

Meanwhile, CSPs are generating large volumes of data, including call detail records (CDR), network data and customer data. Companies that fully exploit this data gain a competitive edge. According to a recent survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit, companies that use data-directed decision-making enjoy a 5-6% boost in productivity. Yet 53% of companies leverage only half of their valuable data, and one-fourth of respondents noted that vast quantities of useful data go untapped. The data volumes are so high that manual analysis is impossible, and most legacy software systems can’t keep up, resulting in valuable data being discarded or ignored.

Big Data Insights with Accuracy, Economy and Ease—At Extreme Speed

With Actian Big Data & Analytics’ high-speed, scalable big data software, CSPs can mine all their data for better decision making in less time. Actian provides an end-to-end software platform for collecting, preparing, analyzing and presenting insights from big data. Application areas include network performance monitoring, fraud detection, customer churn detection and credit risk analysis. Actian Big Data & Analytics software scales to handle terabytes of data, while using commodity hardware, avoiding the expense of dedicated in-memory appliances.

Our network monitoring solution consumes CDRs in real time, giving an updated picture of network operations every five minutes. The network operations center (NOC) gets updated status of key metrics, including call duration, answer/seizure ratio (ASR) and post-dial delay. Long-distance resellers see statistics of vendor performance. The NOC can quickly see issues as they arise and proactively resolve them, before customers start calling. Network quality problems can be identified in minutes or seconds —rather than by the next day. And vendor management can spot problem vendors and take corrective actions before call quality is affected.

Other Benefits:

  • Deeper understanding of operational issues - which situations are problematic (or not)
  •   Network Vendor knowledge improved
    • Measure vendor performance throughout day, identify underperforming vendors
    • Analytics feed vendor price optimization for cost containment
    • Vendor portal for operational enhancement
  • Enrich data with financial information as soon as it’s read from the network
  • Identify customer behavior that encourages higher volume or utilization of higher margin products
  • For daily operations and for long-term planning
  • Perform historical/forensic analysis over long time periods

Customer churn management is an important part of any risk management strategy. A 1% reduction in customer churn translates to a 6% increase in profits. By mining the data in CRM systems, CSPs can identify the customers most at risk of leaving, identify those worth retaining, and tailor special offers or programs to keep them. Working with The University of Texas, we created a customer churn predictor capable of predicting propensity-to-churn at the rate of 50,000 customers in just three minutes on a single commodity server, orders of magnitude faster than many systems, and with high predictive accuracy.

Accelerating Big Data 2.0™