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You know the value of market basket analysis to boost your product attachment rates and help you respond to shifting market demands. Normalizing product data into something you can easily query also has clear benefits for streamlining procurement, supply chain management, and inventory control. But does getting new analyses designed, tested and deployed take way longer than you think it should?

Does it take days or weeks to make even a minor change and get it into production? Have you been told that you could get the answers faster, but you’d have to pay so much for the hardware that it would eat away the ROI?

What if accurate market basket analysis and product normalization could be delivered in a tenth of the time you’ve come to expect? Without buying more hardware?

Actian offers two ready-to-use analytics models for the retail industry, both based on the Actian RushAnalytics for KNIME easy visual interface, and the Actian DataRush patented high speed parallel execution engine.

Actian RetailRush™ Market Basket Analysis has the potential to maximize revenue and increase profit margins by helping you:

  • Create seasonal and localized marketing promotions based on up-to-the-minute models.
  • Optimize displays with predictions derived from more data, producing more accurate results for higher lift.
  • Respond quickly to market shifts on each individual product without having to wait days or weeks.

RetailRush Product Normalization solution will categorize your products to help:

  • Streamline supply chain organization by knowing within minutes where new product descriptions fit.
  • Improve inventory management with unified standardized product data.
  • Simplify ordering with fast, easy querying.
  • Get a jump start on product MDM with fast, automated categorization.

Customizable and Extensible - Both RetailRush solutions can be fully customized to your needs. Without coding!

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Why choose Actian RushRetail Market Basket Analysis solution over other market basket analysis options?

  • Supports up to 7 items in a bunch.
  • Automatically calculates confidence, support and lift values.
  • Graphical interface makes it easy to use and easy to adopt. No IT required.
  • Extensible to PMML and GEXF (for GEPHI) for easy integration with visualization and other analytics tools.

And, of course, you get the unbelievably fast Actian DataRush execution speed on industry standard hardware, which means you can:

  • Respond quickly to market shifts.
  • Refresh every few minutes or hours if desired, not daily or weekly.
  • Run, tweak, re-run as many times as you need for fast experimentation and better, more accurate results.

You can also associate customer, time, geographic, and other data sets to accomplish even more:

  • Run time of day, time of week, time of year association analysis.
  • Find and target your highest value customers.
  • Check store by store performance.
  • And more!

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Do you have widely varying cryptic descriptions for products from various suppliers? 

Would it make ordering and inventory control work go a lot more smoothly if something would just organize all those products so you could find them? Would you love to have reliable product master data, just like you have for customers?

RetailRush Product Normalization solution organizes all of the products in your existing systems, sorts them and classifies them by their important attributes. Then, it uses those rules to automatically classify new products as they are added to the system. No more duplicate orders, or scrambling to find the exact right item. A quick query gets you all the items that fit the criteria you specify. The RetailRush Product Normalization solution is an ideal first step to product MDM. It saves a ton of time in the beginning of any product MDM project.

Completely customizable for any product categories, from car parts to hospital equipment, airplane engines to children's shoes.

And, of course, you get the unbelievably fast Actian DataRush execution speed on industry standard hardware, which means you can:

  • Refresh every few minutes or hours if desired, not daily or weekly.
  • Run, tweak, re-run as many times as you need for fast experimentation and better, more accurate results. 

Without breaking the bank on expensive hardware!

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Wouldn't it be nice if you could use a single solution to also do other analyses?

You don't want to have to buy, maintain and learn multiple solutions for every business problem. And once you've got your solution, there are always some adjustments that need to be made to custom fit the solution to your business needs.

The RetailRush solutions are all built in the standard, easy-to-use, versatile Actian RushAnalytics for KNIME interface. 

  • Customize your solutions in minutes to match your business needs.
  • Build whole new analytics models and processes right in the same easy interface.
  • Extensible to PMML and GEXF (for GEPHI) for easy integration with visualization and other analytics tools.
  • No coding! Just drag, drop, point, click, change configurations to suit you, and off you go.

Is your data growing so fast that you might need to move up to a Hadoop cluster, soon? Since workload optimization is done at runtime, analytics designs built on any DataRush platform are future-proof. You can automatically deploy designs on any hardware, from laptops to clusters with a simple setting change. No re-design, no coding. And with the DataRush patented parallel execution engine, you’ll automatically get mind-blowing performance.

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A customer's similar product categorization solution built on DataStage took 14 hours to run. 

RetailRush Product Normalization ran in less than 3 minutes on the same data using the same hardware.

Why should you wait until tomorrow to get answers you can get in less than five minutes?


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