Visual ETL - Actian Big Data & Analytics™ for Google BigQuery™

Connect Seamlessly to Google BigQuery

If you could do analytics on huge datasets as fast as Google can find web pages…

If you could get business intelligence answers as fast as you could form queries…

How much of an edge would that give you over slower-moving competitors?

Google BigQuery

Allows users to run SQL-like queries against very large databases with billions of rows. BigQuery offers speed, scalability, and simplicity in a secure cloud. Now users can analyze billions of rows, terabytes of data at the speed of Google. Everything is hosted on Google's proven infrastructure. You can input a SQL-like query to analyze your data anytime, and get answers right when you need them. Google sets the bar for data access that’s fast.

Actian RushAnalytics™ for Google BigQuery

Is an all-in-one ETL and data quality tool, specially designed for the data preparation requirements of big data analytics. Actian RushAnalytics for KNIME allows you to build your data prep workflows in a simple, elegant visual interface. Business analysts and data scientists can define data sources, thresholds, and other criteria themselves, with a simple drag, click, and configure. The intuitive KNIME interface means your workflows are built fast.

Combining BigQuery with RushAnalytics™ for KNIME

RushAnalyzer and Google BigQuery VIDEO: Actian RushAnalytics for KNIME (formerly known as RushAnalyzer) and Google BigQuery

You get an end-to-end platform to gather your disparate data at speeds that will astonish you – cleanse, aggregate and enrich your data in a flash – then query it in seconds. Actian RushAnalytics for KNIME uses our patented highly parallel engine provides multicore power that makes data processing lightning fast.

Did we mention this solution was fast?

When you can get the answers you need, almost as fast as you can ask the questions, your competitors won’t know what hit them.

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