Big Data Business Analysis Assessment

Accelerating Big Data 2.0™

Are you feeling a little lost as to where to start?

Have you been hearing a lot about the potential benefits of a big data business analysis project, but aren’t sure where to begin? Actian has built valuable solutions for a variety of companies with a wide range of business challenges. We have also, in many cases, advised companies that a big data business analysis project was not what they need. We now offer our services to help you understand where big data business analysis might fit in your company.

Most businesses do not need Hadoop, or Actian DataRush or any other big data related technology at this time.

If what you're looking for is more information to make a decision on your own, try starting here: What is Big Data?

If you would like some help navigating this new space, experienced Actian representatives can assess your needs and help you dig into the answers to some key questions, starting with the most important one: Would a big data business analysis project benefit your company?

If the answer is yes, then we can help you dig into some of the important details:

  • Which problem or goal should you tackle first to get the most value in the shortest time?
  • What hardware and software stack would you need?
  • How long would such a project take?
  • How much ROI could you expect?

If you’d like to get a handle on the costs, benefits and requirements of a big data business analysis project at your company, just send us a request and we’ll contact you to help you find the most beneficial path forward.

Initial phone consultations are always free. If desired, a Actian representative can come to your business, see first hand what you're dealing with, and make recommendations for a flat fee plus travel expenses.

Big data analytics technology is needed when data analysis needs become massively larger than traditional hardware and software are designed to handle. If you have traditional data warehouse-based or excel spreadsheet-based analytics in your business, and those are working fine for you, or even if they are almost working fine for you, you don't need something like Hadoop or DataRush. (You may need to improve your data warehouse if it's only almost working.) 

When those traditional systems are overwhelmed by the data volumes you want to analyze for business value, then you may need a more high performance data processing platform. 

Signs you could use a big data analytics computing solution:

  • You have a serious need to improve a process, meet a goal, or solve a problem that analyzing huge amounts of data might be able to accomplish, and you have access to that data.
  • You have a massive backlog of data that your current analytics infrastructure can't handle.
  • You're being regularly forced to sample a tiny subset of available data for insight and suspect you are missing key information because of it.
  • You have a new untapped data source that you see value in that your current system can't process.

Another situation where a high speed parallel processing solution may be useful is when you want to pull data from a massive dataset, cleanse, sort, de-dupe, and aggregate the essential bits out, and place those into a standard data warehouse or cube for further analysis. We refer to this as data preparation for analysis.

Under these conditions, you may need to consider a parallel data processing option. If you find yourself in one of these situations, then you need to act quickly, and plan for the future. Data volumes can grow very rapidly, turning a minor problem into a major one in a relatively short time. 

If you're not sure, contact us for a Big Data Analytics Assessment

We would be happy to have a look at what you're up against and give you some useful advice.