Actian RushLoader for Hadoop

Fast Visual Data Loading - for FREE

Actian RushLoader for Hadoop is a FREE quick, easy way to get your data into the Hadoop File System

Hadoop was created to store and process massive amounts of data, but first you have to get that massive data into the Hadoop File System. RushLoader for Hadoop solves the problem.

Powered by the unmatched parallel performance speed of the Actian DataRush engine, and built in the award-winning, easy-to-use open source KNIME platform, Actian Rushloader for Hadoop gets your data into Hadoop fast. And it's FREE.

  • Accesses data from a variety of data sources - standard RDBMS, text files from many file systems including Amazon File System, ARFF formats, log files, PMML, etc.
  • Executes on any platform with a JVM - Windows, Mac, UNIX, ...
  • Automatically scales up with no redesign and NO CODING - laptop to server to cluster
  • Loads data into Hadoop file system(HDFS) at extreme parallel speeds 
  • FREE!! - as in, it doesn't cost anything. Nada. Nothing. No cost. Keep your money, and buy a few more nodes for your cluster.

Download your FREE copy of Actian RushLoader for Hadoop.

Rushloader for Hadoop is built on the patented DataRush data processing engine to ensure scalability to any volume of data. DataRush automatically detects and utilizes all cores and nodes available at runtime up to a settable limit. Execution moves seamlessly from desktop to server to cluster, without the need to modify code, re-design models, or recompile.

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RushLoader supports all major Hadoop distributions

  • Apache
  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • MapR
  • IBM BIgInsights

Download your FREE copy of Actian RushLoader for Hadoop.

For more information on going beyond simple loading, see our Hadoop Solutions page. 

Do you need data preparation, data quality, or analytics capabilities that aren't in Actian RushLoader for Hadoop?

Actian RushAnalytics includes a full set of data preparation and analytics operators that, because they are built directly with the DataRush engine API in a dataflow paradigm, are fully optimized for running on multi-core and distributed systems such as Hadoop, providing automatic scaling, extreme levels of performance, and future-proofed workflows.

If you need functionality that is not included in the free RushLoader, upgrade to RushAnalytics for the best combination of economy, ease of use and performance in the big data analytics market.

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