KNIME™ and Pervasive Partner for Analytics Power

KNIME and Pervasive Partner for Analytics Power

The KNIME top customer satisfaction rated data mining platform is now tightly integrated with Pervasive DataRush, the world’s fastest compute engine for commodity hardware and big data clusters, to provide a depth and breadth of functionality for big data at a price/performance level never seen before.

KNIME and Pervasive worked together to refine the KNIME API to allow for parallelization and distribution of node functions. Existing KNIME nodes can now become ‘flowable,’ meaning capable of having their functions parallelized by Pervasive DataRush. All new KNIME nodes built on the new API will already be able to take advantage of the DataRush parallel dataflow architecture, including execution on distributed clusters.

This partnership gives the data mining and analytics community the ability to:

  • Scale up both simple and highly sophisticated analytic applications to process more data, faster.
  • Innovate in ways that were not viable before:
    • Researchers can build and test powerful new algorithms on massive data sets in hours instead of days.
    • Scale up analytics to bigger datasets, without scaling up to more expensive hardware.
    • Collapse development, testing, iteration and deployment cycles

Every data analyst can take advantage of both the KNIME user friendly design interface and breadth of capabilities, along with the processing power of Pervasive.

Volume Velocity Sophistication Graph   [enlarge]


Many routines, particularly analytic and advanced data transformation routines, were never designed to be run in a distributed fashion. Pervasive RushAnalytics for KNIME includes a series of highly optimized data access, data quality, de-duping, transformation, and analytics nodes with algorithms designed specifically to take maximum advantage of parallel processing infrastructure, providing an order of magnitude higher processing speed.

Users can mix and match all kinds of nodes within their KNIME workflows so that the optimal combination of performance and sophistication can be used for the specific task at hand.

For more information: Pervasive RushAnalytics 

A wide variety of KNIME and KNIME Partner and Community data transformation and analytics nodes are either automatically or can be made to be big data enabled. This allows KNIME users to take immediate advantage of the DataRush parallel dataflow framework to speed up data processing, and allows new users to take advantage of KNIME's full breadth of capabilities with the Pervasive processing speed boost.

For more information Pervasive RushAccelerator for KNIME

Knime provides the foundation, a data mining platform rated first in customer satisfaction for ease of use and user interface quality.  Over 1000 data preparation and analytics components (nodes), built by KNIME and KNIME partners and community, provide un-matched breadth of capability for the simplest to the most sophisticated analytics tasks.

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