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In this webinar, David Norris, Bloor Research’s Analytics and Business Intelligence expert will discuss the trends in big data analytics and warehousing solutions. In addition, Michael Hoskins, Pervasive Software’s CTO and Director of Pervasive Big Data and Analytics, will discuss:

  • Strategies for the Age of Data
  • Data Variety:  Still a Challenge
  • The Hadoop Architecture
  • Business-Aligned Analytics
  • Data-Driven Decisioning
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The latest Briefing Room webinar hosted by the Bloor Group.  Learn how to capture and analyze big data at scale without having to know anything about Hadoop/MapReduce and without having to code.  Don't be doomed to fail the scalability tests and stick with the same compromises you've been faced to in the past!

Pervasive Big Data: Where you don't have to compromise.

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(Sep 7, 2011) Guest speaker James G. Kobielus, senior analyst for Forrester Research, Inc., discusses the role, value and best practices of  Hadoop.   Based on interviews with over a dozen case studies, James defines Big Data, discusses why and how companies are using Hadoop today to  add value to their business, and highlights strengths and caveats when using Hadoop.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Applications where Hadoop adds the most business value.
  • Best practices for using Hadoop.
  • How companies are combining Hadoop with standard data warehouses and data marts.
  • The Forrester model of the Hadoop ecosystem
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(Aug 16, 2011) Hear Analyst Mark Madsen of Third Nature offer insights into the challenges of escalating data volumes and how companies can  increase their time-to-value through parallel processing. Madsen is briefed by Mike Hoskins and Jim Falgout of Pervasive Software.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How organizations can develop high-performance analytics applications by leveraging a highly parallel, highly scalable framework.
  • How data flow can both scale up within a single multicore server and scale out across clusters.
  • Details of Pervasive TurboRush for Hive, a performance accelerator for Apache Hadoop's Hive data warehouse software.
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(May 11, 2011) Organizations will increasingly need to convert unstructured data into valuable business insights through data mining and visualization. To do so, it's imperative that they have thesoftware tools that scale as data sizes grow. More specifically, they need software tools that scale to big data. This webinar covers two such tools: KNIME and Pervasive DataRush. KNIME (KonstanzInformation Miner) is a comprehensive open-source data analysis and exploration platform. Pervasive DataRush is a software platform for building scalable big data applications.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • A simple method to compose predictive analytics workflows and visualize the results.
  • How to ensure that analytics scale up to big data.
  • How recent developments in tools make big data analytics more accessible.
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