Pervasive DataRush™ Case Study: Tax and Revenue Management

Pervasive DataRush Solution Boosts State Tax Revenue Recovery by Millions of Dollars Per Year

Facing a budget squeeze, the department of taxation sought out to improve efficiency in its ability to collect taxes owed. A leading global systems systems integrator for tax and revenue management services teamed up with Pervasive Software to design an identity resolution system enhanced by the high-throughput Pervasive DataRush Engine, plus the advanced matching algorithms of Pervasive DataRush's DataMatcher library.

Implementation Highlights

  • Rapidly identifies exact and close matches
  • Enables de-duplication from data entry errors
  • High throughput and scalability handles growing data volumes
  • Quickly and easily accommodates file format changes
  • Simple to add new data sources

Accelerating Big Data 2.0™